The IMTS Experience

Part 1 of a Series by, dgs Marketing Engineers.  We liked it so much we thought we would share it with the IMTS Community.  You can read the complete post, "The IMTS Experience - Episode One:  The Producer"

"Each dgs staffer has an important role to play; so each week we will feature a short video that details our role, what we’re looking for and for some of us who have never attended – what to expect. The first episode features dgs founder and President Marc Diebold, who attended his first IMTS back in 1990."

"The Producer"

Key takeaways - bring comfortable shoes and pain relievers.  Also, their staff is prepared to jump into any of their clients booths and help answer questions from attendees.

Stay Tuned for Episode Two.



Peter @ Polygon's Gravatar Marc,
Thanks for the tips. You mention that you can 'meet people you wouldn't normally meet', what do you think is the best way for a visitor engage in networking at IMTS?
# Posted By Peter @ Polygon | 8/14/12 8:19 PM