And the Winner Is...

Once again, AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology has partnered with Local Motors and will be building another car this year at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014. The Local Motors 3D-Printed Car Challenge invited designers to submit their ideas and the winners have been chosen! Out of 207 entries, seven designs were awarded: the overall winner, the community choice, and five innovation awards for design or technology that may influence the final produced vehicle. So, without further ado…the overall winning design was Strati by Harlock, aka Michele A., which featured a unique design that will be compatible with 3D printing. The car has a sleek look with a retractable roof. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

This design will be built onsite during the six days of IMTS, using parts manufactured on the show floor. And, not only will this car be 3D printed, but it will also be electric! The idea behind this vehicle is to create a solution for the urban transportation needs of Chicago. AMT, Local Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has been testing 3D designs, have partnered to demonstrate how sustainable green technologies, using additive and subtractive techniques, can create stronger, safer, faster, and more efficient vehicles. The finished car will be an example of how green technology can reduce life-cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions, lower production cost, and create new products and opportunities for high paying jobs.

The design contest takes the competition up a level since contestants were only asked to design the skin of the Rally Fighter for IMTS 2012. “This continues the legacy of Local Motors bringing disruptive technology to IMTS. We started this journey in 2010 when Jay B. Rogers, Jr., President, CEO & Co-Founder, Local Motors, appeared at the AMT Annual Meeting and from that a partnership emerged to build the Rally Fighter on the show floor at IMTS 2012,” says Peter Eelman, Vice President, Exhibitions & Communications, AMT. “We are excited to showcase the winner’s innovative design and demonstrate to the industry this new process of manufacturing a car with a substantial structure being 3D printed on-site in AMT’s Emerging Technology Center at IMTS 2014.”

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