What the Heck is Quora?

In my quest to blog more I have decided that on Fridays I will share something new I learned this past week. The new *darling* of the social media realm is Quora.


Quora, according to their website is:

“a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by everyone who uses it.”


Sort of like a combination of Wikipedia and Google search where you can post a question and anyone can respond.  Each question will have it own page and they hope that each page will be the go to reference for anyone else with that same question.


So instead of saying “I’ll Google it” – you may soon be saying “I Quora’ed it”


Social Media Today did a test on several of the "searches" including Quora. 


If you are, or have used Quora - please comment and share your story.




Bernard Martin's Gravatar Thanks for sharing the info about Quora. I signed up in December and have found some great answers to questions. It's a great new service
# Posted By Bernard Martin | 1/11/11 1:27 PM
Lee Anne Orange's Gravatar Do you mind sharing what your question was? how many responses did you see?
# Posted By Lee Anne Orange | 1/11/11 4:21 PM