And while you are at it, check into the booths you visit.  You will be able to check into the show, the individual buildings and any of the exhibits that have been created using Foursquare, and yes, there is an app for that! 



EXHIBITORS – Pay Attention!  You can set up events as “check ins” for the attendees.  They (or you) can add your company name and location as a “tip” for IMTS so that others know what you have to offer or a booth not to be missed.   To add to the IMTS location, click here.

Go to Foursquare, you can log in with your company Facebook or Twitter accounts – you can then “link” everything together.  You can also add a special within your booth, to set up your location as a check in go to Foursquare and just follow the prompts.

 Want to learn more about Foursquare?  Watch a short vimeo (video) - and start "checking into IMTS!"



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