Happenings on the IMTS Show Floor - Special Events

 Special Events at IMTS is something new for 2012.  We hope to point out to attendees, and to the manufacturing community, what you’ve got going on in your booth. We appreciate the time, effort and expense you incur bringing that “extra something” to encourage excitement and interest in your company, products and services to an already over-committed, over-stimulated and at the end of the day over-tired crowd. 

 In an effort to help spread the word, we will have QR codes in each of the 4 buildings listing THAT DAY’S Special Events.  An attendee or exhibitor can simply scan the code and see where the hot spots will be, the time and type of event, they can choose whether to add this to their own agendas on MyShow Planner. 

What makes an event special?


 So, say that driver Mario Andretti will be appearing in your booth on Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm to sign autographs.  YES, that is a special event.  However, having the car he drove on display in your booth during IMTS – cool, but not special.  For this instance it’s best to use social media to get the buzz going on seeing the car in your booth. On Twitter, using the #IMTS hash tag ensures it gets into the feed where everyone’s looking at what’s happening at the show. 

Got a presentation given by Hugh Jackman, on Thursday from 10-11 am?  Yes, that would be special, and I would BE THERE!  But giving product demonstrations all day, every day in your booth – that’s not special. That is expected at a trade show.

 However, let’s say you’re giving a presentation at 11am every day that is dedicated to a particular product or product launch or a type of technology.  That is something one would want to add to their agenda since they can’t see it at any other time. 

Having a contest? Great! Listing that every day, all day – not so great, and by that I mean, not special. Again, it’s best to use Twitter for this. Remember that Twitter feeds will be on display throughout IMTS to get people interested and engaged.  But listing the final drawing where ONE winner is drawn for all 6 days – that IS special.  

 We hope to highlight those special experiences so they won’t be missed.

 Add your events, presentations, contests and special appearances to your company profile in the E-Kit and we will be sure to SEE YOU THERE!

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