Why It Pays to Bring Women into Your Organization

Deserved or not, manufacturing hasn't exactly had a reputation as the most female-friendly career choice. But research has shown that it's financially beneficial for a company to bring women into the fold, and more importantly, to give them the opportunity to succeed. Is your company taking steps to attract -- and retain -- female employees?

Fast Company featured an article on this topic that talks about thinking in terms of all employees, not just women, as a means for bringing in the best talent. While some of the policies outlined might not be suitable for a shop floor environment (working remotely, for example), they can certainly work in other areas of any company's operations.

If you encountered any of the students who took part in the NIMS Student Skills Summit, you may have noticed that there were more than a few girls in the mix. (Watch this IMTSTV video about the Student Summit to get a first-hand account.) With excited young minds not being exclusive just to boys, and with the skills gap and worker shortage not going away anytime soon, it's important to make sure girls are also encouraged to explore manufacturing as a career path, and that companies are taking steps to recruit and retain the top talent already in the work force - regardless of gender.



Diyana Hrzic's Gravatar Good points Penny. I know a lot of women engineers in fields other than manufacturing. I don't see a bad side to having more women in skilled manufacturing roles.
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