The Value of Geo-Tracking


A great way to “check in” with your customers 

More and more companies are investing in geo-location applications to increase traffic and engagement with their customers. Foursquare, Gowalla, and the new Facebook places are quickly becoming some of the most popular sites to let your “friends” know where you are and what you are doing. 

Here is an excerpt from a great article, “Location Based Marketing, What’s In it for Me?”

Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout, co-authors of Location-Based Marketing for Dummies 

“Because more and more people are starting to use smart phones, it's becoming easier for software and application developers to take advantage of knowing within a tight radius, where someone is assuming that "someone" doesn't mind revealing their current location. The key here is for marketers and small business owners to provide enough value (discounts, prizes, recognition etc.) for customers to want to check in so that customers will share their data with them. Over time, marketers and business owners can leverage this rich data (age, sex, past check-in behavior, frequency of checking in, etc.). Even better, if the location is cool enough or the offer compelling enough, marketers and business owners can count on their customers sharing their "check ins" with their networks on places like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.”

For complete article, click here.

Not only do you get this deep data on where your customers are you also get an insight as to “where” they are on social media channels. 

You get:

Ø      Current behavior and behavior patterns

Ø      Are they likely to share with friends, colleagues, etc.?

Ø      Where can you engage them in conversation – Facebook, LinkedIn

Ø      Where should you post discounts, specials or Mayoral deals that will get the most chatter?

Geo-Location, it is worth Checking Out!