IMTSedu Marketing: Cool Tips

When you meet with qualified attendees at IMTS, what should your CLOSE be with each and every one of them?

Brought to you by: Steve Miller, President - The Adventure

The answer is simple, yet often not done.

Your close for each and every qualified attendee you meet is to get them to agree to move the NEXT step in the relationship-building process.

Like I said -- simple. As you go through a conversation, you will always get to a point where you can't really go any further. That single next step is your CLOSE. Do you need to visit their factory or office to gather more information. Your close is to set the date. If they can't set the date, your close might be to set the date you can call.

Maybe they want a quote. When do they want it? How do they want you to send it to them?

Maybe they just want your catalog. When do they want it on their desk? How do they want you to send it?

Salespeople and staffers often make two mistakes. One, they don't set up the specific next step. "Let me swipe your badge and I'll follow-up with you" is NOT a specific next step. And two, if they can't write the order at the show, they lose interest in setting up the post-show action step.


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