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Webinar: Getting the MOST Out of Your Leads

October 21, 2014

Now that IMTS is over, you can finally settle back into business as usual, right? No way! This is the time to follow up with all the leads you collected at the show and sell, sell, sell! But how do you know which leads to focus on? The key is to rank your leads and use best practices to follow up whether you’re reaching out via email, mailers, phone calls or in-person visits. This webinar will teach you those best practices to make the most of your valuable time and help you connect with the customers who are ready to buy. You’ll also hear about MTInsight’s IMTS 2014 App, a tool that will help you find missed opportunities by analyzing leads so you can see who was looking for your product, but didn’t stop by your booth!

Webinar Slides (PDF | 3.27MB)

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