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Upcoming Webinar: Lead Magnets & Landing Pages
(What? You're Not Using These?)

Thursday, April 23 at 11:00 am ET

Finding prospect sources is easy. State & local associations. Trade shows. Trade publications. SEO. List brokers. Google Maps. Yellow Pages. It’s just not that difficult to get lists of possible prospects.

The trick is turning those prospects into viable leads. Getting them to actually WANT to talk you? Now that’s a different story.

Savvy marketers today use Lead Magnets and Landing Pages to convince prospects to share contact information and permission to follow-up. They are quite possibly the most important new tools in your marketing toolbox.

As a follow-up to the extremely popular previous webinar, The NEW Marketing Funnel, Lead Magnets & Landing Pages will teach you how to persuade your best prospects to raise their hand and ASK you to contact them.

Steve Miller, The Adventure


Upcoming Webinar: How to Sell Toilet Paper

Tuesday, May 12 at 11:00 am ET

You think selling your products is hard? How would you like to sell one of the most common commodities in the world?

Meet Kelly McCann, one of the top industrial supply salespeople in North America! Kelly has been selling for over 25 years and is one of the best salespeople you’ll ever meet. Ask him what he does and he’ll tell you, “I sell toilet paper!”

How does Kelly do it? How does he create such unbreakable relationships with his clients that they’ll pay a premium price for toilet paper and stay with him for years? How does he generate new clients? What’s his secret and how can you transfer his knowledge to the manufacturing industry?

Don’t miss this live (and lively) interview with Kelly McCann!

Steve Miller, The Adventure


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