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Justin Post - Map Your Show, Greg Jones - AMT, Bernard Martin - RPM Consultants, Marc Diebold, dgs Marketing Engineers ...

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... these are just some of the "experts" we have lined up to provide you with ideas and suggestions that you can put into action immediately using the laptop stations within the booth. Learn the tips, tricks and tactics that can help generate business for your company using the Social Media channels. Find out the economic performance and status of the Manufacturing Industry in real time. Speak –up in a Town Hall meeting on the challenges in the current workforce.

And much more……

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IMTSedu Town Hall Meeting on Workforce Development
On Tuesday, September 11th at 11am, Greg Jones, Vice President – Smartforce Development, AMT has assembled a panel of industry executives to discuss the issue of the skilled labor shortage. We invite shop owners who are attending IMTS to visit the IMTSedu booth to have their voices heard by the panel.

Greg Jones will moderate the panel and present AMT’s position and strategy for solving this issue in the near and long term. Joining Greg on the panel will be:

Darlene Miller is President and CEO, Permac Industries and a Member of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Located in Burnsville, Minnesota, Permac Industries is a precision machining company, manufacturing custom and precision parts for customers worldwide in virtually all industries.

Darlene has actively served on numerous boards for a variety of industry and community organizations. She is currently a member of the U.S. Chamber Board of Directors and Advisory Council, Board of Directors for PMPA and MPMA (Manufacturing Trade Associations), and the Minnesota Valley Medical Manufacturers Network (MEDNET), which she co-founded in 2006.

As a two time member of Minnesota Governor Pawlenty’s trade missions to both South America and India, Darlene is able to understand global markets and how they pertain to her business in Minnesota.

Since 2002, Hope for Tomorrow has been one of Darlene’s personal passions. The mentoring program pairs business leaders with students to help create self-confidence and tomorrow’s leaders. She is very proud to have co-founded several chapters along with the first Boys Chapter.

Craig McAtee was formerly the Executive Director for the Workforce and Economic Development Division of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. He spent over twenty-five years in engineering, technology, and senior leadership positions for the Swagelok Company, an international manufacturing organization, based in Solon, Ohio. At the college, he provided Dean level management of all new and existing applied technologies related credit and non-credit curriculum development, articulation, and deployment with over $3.8 million dollar annual budgets. McAtee also provided leadership for special projects directed by the College President and Executive Vice Presidents, as needed. Currently, he is Co-PI for the NSF funded Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC), a Senior Partner with NSF funded Material Science Education Program (MatEd), and manages resources for several other national grants including – NASA/SpaceTEC, NCIST, Rapid Prototyping, and others.

McAtee received an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College, an Industrial Engineering degree from Kent State University, a Bachelor’s degree in International Management from Malone College, and an Executive MBA from Cleveland State University. He is actively involved Aerospace Industries Association, the American Production Control and Inventory Society, the Cleveland Engineering Society, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, FIRST Robotics, Tech-Prep, and Tri-C’s Corporate College initiatives. McAtee is also an adjunct professor at Cleveland State University, as time permits.

Chad Schron is Vice President of Operations and Technology and the original founder of ToolingU, now owned by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Chad’s background in manufacturing is home-grow in Cleveland, OH where his grandfather started a tooling components manufacturing company, Jergens, Inc. After graduating from West Virginia University, Chad worked in manufacturing for Moen, Inc. when the shortage of skilled labor was beginning to appear in the industry. Chad and his father, Jack Schron, decided to begin building a business using the Internet to deliver training for manufacturers. By 2001, a complete online learning management system supporting ToolingU content was launched, and today is one of the most widely used and widely recognized brands in e-Learning in our industry.

Miles Free is Director of Industry Research and Technology, the Precision Machine Products Association (PMPA) and Adjunct Professor, in the School of Business focusing on International Business, Critical Thinking and Organizational Effectiveness at Walsh University. His industry experience at Republic Engineered Products includes plant management, metallurgy and consolidation and integration of quality systems, including Q-1 and QS9000. Miles writes extensively on the subject of workforce development.

"Social Media for Industrial Marketers" If you struggle with understanding the role of social media in your organization's overall marketing efforts and how to get the most from the time you have to spend on it, this presentation could be for you. Marc will explain dgs Marketing Engineer's approach to social media in an industrial marketing environment, provide an example of a successful social media event, and offer some simple goals and strategies any size company can use. Marc Diebold, President & CEO, dgs Marketing Engineers.

Wounded Warriors Family Services

Lt. General john Sylvester (Ret.)

On this historic day, 9/11, it is always good to remember the men and women who gave so much of themselves, and their families to keep America safe.

"What the Marine Corps can teach you about LinkedIn"

This program provides an overview of LinkedIn by starting with the premise that "Every Marine is a Rifleman" therefore everyone within your company is a salesperson regardless of job description.
This program is dedicated to Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, They held a position known as "Fox Hill" from 27 Nov - 2 Dec 1950 which enabled the 5th & 7th Marine Regiments to withdraw from the Chosin Reservoir. Of 220 men in Fox 2/7, 82 walked out. Their gallantry saved 8000 Marines from being cut off.
Program Details:

  • Why it's critical
  • Completing your LinkedIn profile: correctly
  • Why your interest, hobbies, affiliations and groups are important
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for your company
  • Products, Services and Recommendations
  • Being a LEAN manufacturing fighting machine
  • Team Building Opportunities with LinkedIn
  • Connecting it to other Social Media
  • How it relates to SEO (and what is SEO!)

"What's All this about Social Media & Where Do I Start?"

This program will provide an informative and real world explanation of Social Media by providing simply analogies and anecdotes to provide a better understanding of the what's happening and how to understand it.
This presentation will provide the "50,000 foot" overview of Social Media and finish by giving participants some places to "Start" on the Social Media efforts for their company.


  • The 4 C's of Social Media (abridged)
  • "Social" in the context of history (pictured)
  • Understand how different generations communicate
  • IMTS reception conversations are just like Social Media
  • "Nuts & Bolts" overview of blueprinting a Strategy
  • "Nuts & Bolts" overview of "branding" in Social Media
  • "Nuts & Bolts" Tactical implementation by Social platform

Where It's At: Manufacturing Trends & Conditions in 2012

"Social Media - Not Your Typical Manufacturing Technology"

This isn't your Father's Machine Shop: Curious how Social Media plays a part in your business? Join us to discuss why Social Media is important to our Industry and how we (as an Industry) can showcase "Manufacturing Technology" as the High Tech, Advanced Industry it is!

How can I REALLY help you: We'll demonstrate how to gain insight into your customer's true wants and needs. Let us show you how listening to on-line conversations enables your Product development team to meet the needs of your customers. How can you solve a problem once? for all!

Ignorance is not Bliss: You've heard over and over again, that conversation about your brand is happening whether you like it or not?. And it's true. Use social media to turn critics into advocates. We'll talk through some of the skills needed to manage sticky conversations, and walk through a scenario of what happens if you do nothing.

Connecting with Millenniums: And lastly the hottest, most discussed conversation?. The Future Employees of our Industry. We'll provide you tools to connect with students today who are armed with Smartphones, don't use email, and are socially active online. Learn who these Millenniums are and why they WANT to work in our Industry.

"YouTube: How small companies can be more effective than big companies"

This program provides an overview of YouTube functions as well as how and why it's imperative that metalcutting and metalforming manufacturing companies use this service to tell their story.

  • How Big is YouTube?
  • How it got built & why that's important to Social Media
  • Why selecting a User Name is important
  • Marketing on other "channels"
  • What to share
  • How to share

"Getting On Target with Twitter"

This program is designed to introduce Twitter and how it can be used for #B2B selling in the manufacturing industry.
It's instructive presentation focuses on how machine shops, manufacturing companies and metalcutting industry professionals can leverage their relationships to help promote their business as well as stay on-top-of-the-market conditions in their industry segment. Subject matter will delve into information not only based upon their industry forte (medical, aerospace, automotive, defense & electronics) but also their material specialties (nickel alloys, non-ferrous, ferrous).

Program Highlights:

  • What in the name of Sam Hill is it?
  • Whom to follow & who not to!
  • B nice
  • RT's and DM's
  • 1 in 8 website visits driven by Twitter
  • How it FITS for FINISH
  • Aggregators & dashboards

Topics Covered:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • Who are the end users, the consumers, of this product or service?
  • Who are the "thought leaders" on this topic?
  • Will this product or service 'compliment' someone else's product or service?

"Capitalizing on Change: Marketing to Manufacturing in a Social World"

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