What is AMT’s Emerging Technology Center?

The AMT’s Emerging Technology Center, or ETC, made its debut at IMTS 2004 as a place to educate, inform and excite the manufacturing community about ground-breaking innovations specific to the industry. The ETC has become the “must visit” at IMTS and is renowned around the globe for showcasing state of the art and disruptive technologies that will impact manufacturing in the years to come.

The ETC at IMTS 2016 will be showcasing the most dramatic leaps forward in manufacturing technology. Centrally featured will be Tech Trends, which is the next step of AMT’s strategy to share information within the manufacturing industry of state of the art technology advancements. It’s about what we can do now that only recently was unheard of, what the unmet needs are, and what R&D is doing to meet those needs - in three trending arenas:

  • the accelerating growth of additive manufacturing and technology
  • rapid deployment of ever more advanced and flexible automation and robotics
  • systems for expanded visibility and "smart" control of factories

The ETC will also feature  “proof of concept” displays of the most exciting new additive products:

  • a virtual bionic human via touch screen comprising multiple printed body parts– with technology now available or just over the horizon,
  • the AMIE project from Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), a first of its kind, AMIE uses an integrated energy system that shares energy between a building and a vehicle, both built with additive technology,  
  • and ORNL’s printed Shelby Cobra sports car, a classic 50 year-old icon “cool” muscle power.