IMTS Hot Air Balloon and Rally Fighters

If there is one thing anyone who attended IMTS remembers, it is the fantastic balloon that appeared in the front lawn of McCormick Place and the IMTS Rally Fighter built on the show floor in the Emerging Technology Center.


IMTS Balloon and/or Rally Fighter Tour Stops

IMTS 2014
IMTS Balloon and Rally Fighters
Chicago, Illinois
September 8-13, 2014

Balloon Fiesta
IMTS Balloon
Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 4-12, 2014

Balloon Night Glow

Smartforce Rally Fighter

Rally Fighter



iSpy Jake Falls from IMTS Balloon

iSpy Jake Ervin can’t help but get in a little trouble as he goes behind the scenes to bring you what’s cool and innovative in manufacturing today. And for this special edition of iSpy, Jake travels to the 2013 QuickChek NJ Festival of Ballooning.


iSpy at IMTS 2012

Jake ventured outside the IMTS show floor at IMTS 2012 to catch how the IMTS balloon is inflated. Pretty neat!

Jake visits the IMTS Rally Fighter build team in the Emerging Technology Center at IMTS 2012 and gets to be the first to start the car.