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The Advanced Manufacturing Center - a "Must-See" at IMTS

You don’t have to go far to see plenty of cool stuff at IMTS. But to see some things that are truly eye-popping, stop by the Advanced Manufacturing Center, located in Booth W-10, West Building.

This year's Advanced Manufacturing Center will create a network of solutions for learning more about five trends and technologies that are moving manufacturing forward.

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Interest is Building in Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturers are only beginning to explore the design freedoms that they will increasingly achieve through additive manufacturing. The option to generate functional parts by "growing" them one precise layer at a time–through laser sintering, laser melting and other processes–makes it possible to create components possessing internal features that could not be created any other way. This 3D printing of workpieces also makes it practical to produce parts in quantities that would be too small to justify making a die or a mold. Because of freedoms such as these, additive manufacturing is likely to account for a significant share of how parts are made in the future.

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