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Company Showcase
Sunnen SH-4000

Sunnen SH-4000

Introducing the next generation in honing

The all-digital SH-4000 takes precision honing to a new level of flexibility, productivity and ease-of-use.

New from the ground up, the all-digital SH-4000 features unbeatable performance, ergonomics and safety, including:

- Servo-precise, digitally repeatable patent-pending tool feed system ensures consistent cutting pressure for precise geometry part after part.

- Siemens 9-inch touchscreen control for quick, intuitive part setup ... saves setups for repeat jobs. All machine control functions can be made from one screen.

- Quick changeover for low volume production - automation-ready for high volume production.

- Fewer parts to maintain - no knobs or linkages to adjust - increases reliability and durability.

- Interlocked sliding cover, light curtain and safe-setup mode for operator safety.

- New stroker carriage accepts all standard Sunnen tooling ... no need to buy new tooling or fixturing.

- Increased stroke length of 400 mm (15.75 in) for honing longer parts.

- Robust 25 mm servo driven ball screw stroker for precise repeatable positioning ... ensures optimum process control.

For more information, or to find the Sunnen representative near you, call 1-800-325-3670, or visit our website: Visit the Sunnen Booth at IMTS, Booth N-7400.


Company Description

Sunnen celebrates its 90-year evolution in honing technology: from Hupmobile to high-tech

Founder Joe Sunnen’s quest to sell his honing inventions started 90 years ago with cross country sales calls made from the back of his "RV," a 1916 Hupmobile. Today, Sunnen technology is used worldwide to make energy exploration equipment, chain saws, aerospace components, gears, fuel injectors, fluid-power components and more. And Joe's Hupmobile still has a place of honor in St. Louis.

ST. LOUIS, Mo – Joseph Sunnen’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start a “mobile” business, selling his engine servicing tools out of the back of his Hupmobile truck in 1924. Early success led him to develop and patent his manual cylinder hone for auto garages. Decades later, his basic honing device has been evolved into a highly capable CNC machining process by the company he founded.

            St. Louis, Missouri-based Sunnen Products Company is today the world's largest vertically integrated manufacturer of precision honing systems, employing more than 650 people at 11 worldwide facilities and holding dozens of technology patents.

            “As we celebrate our ninetieth anniversary, my grandfather would be proud to see that his spirit of innovation lives on in our drive to develop new products and techniques,” said Matthew Sunnen Kreider, company president. “The Hupmobile is still on display at our St. Louis headquarters, and it reminds us not only of where we came from, but also what we can accomplish.”

What's honing all about?

            Automotive, marine and air race winners learned in the 1930's their engines got a nice performance boost from precisely sized and finished cylinder bores made with Sunnen hones. Today, pressure for more speed, power and accuracy – with lower noise, emissions and fewer maintenance problems – is leading manufacturers to use Sunnen honing systems for an ever-expanding range of products, in more industries than ever before.

            The company's latest generation of automated honing systems provides a unique capability to control hole size with accuracy of ten millionths of an inch (0.000010"/0.25 µm), correct geometric (shape) errors in the bore, and produce a specific surface finish to enhance lubrication and sealing properties. The result is gearboxes and transmissions that run quieter, smoother and longer. Hydraulic systems that are more precise, responsive, efficient and leak-resistant. Chainsaws and weed trimmers that deliver higher power densities with lower emissions. And firearms that are more accurate and easier to clean.

            Sunnen controls all R&D, manufacturing, service and support of its products, including specialized abrasives and tooling. This allows development of end-to-end processing systems that are custom designed and single-sourced to ensure they meet customers' required quality and production levels. In addition to its U.S. headquarters, Sunnen has operations in Switzerland, France, Italy, U.K., China, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Austria, India, the Czech Republic and Poland.

            For additional information on Sunnen Products Company, contact Bob Davis, Global Communications Manager. Tel: 314-781-2100 or e-mail

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