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In this year's Okuma booth, you'll be immersed in the "My Okuma" experience and discover how you can use Okuma machines, technology and service to maximize productivity and rise above your competition. Below are some of the highlights we'll be presenting at the show. Add Okuma to your MyShow Planner - we look forward to seeing you there.

NEW! The Okuma App Store | www.myokuma.com

Machine Tool Apps: Your Fast Track to Productivity Gains

Today's machine tool users need to have flexibility that allows for continuous process imporvement. So we challenged ourselves: how can we help you continually achieve productivity gains, with minimal investment of time and resources? Using apps on your Okuma control is a fast track to achieving these results.

Okuma’s App Store contains a variety of machine tool apps that increase productivity and streamline user processes. Okuma users can visit MyOkuma.com and download apps for useful functionalities such as:

  • Machine Alert: Monitors machine alarm status and automatically sends an email, text or phone message to the user when an alarm condition is activated.
  • Part Flip Monitor: Checks the chuck clamp status to be sure the operator has opened/closed the chuck before cycle start is pressed for Op20 of the part flip program. This reduces the chances that a part will be scrapped.
  • Visual Assistance Support: Displays helpful on-demand images for the operator at any point in a part program or process. The images assist with machine setup, visual part inspection, and other functions.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Shows a reminder of the scheduled maintenance needed for the specific machine where the application is installed. This prompts the user to complete daily inspection tasks that maintain optimal machine performance.


Attendees who participate in the App Store demonstrations during IMTS will be entered to win one of 6 Microsoft Surface tablets (one winner each day).

For more information visit www.MyOkuma.com and visit Booth S-8500 at IMTS 2014 to experience a hands-on demonstration.

11 New Machines | 17 Total

Come see the new MU-6300V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center and the MA-12500H Horizontal Machining Center, which will be shown for the first time at IMTS 2014.

Okuma will display the new MU-6300V vertical machining center, which delivers high accuracy and high productivity for 5-axis multi-sided machining, and is therefore well suited for moldmakers. The MU-6300V has a highly rigid and accurate double column structure and low center of gravity in workpiece movement (trunnion table) that enables both heavy-duty cutting and high-speed finishing. During IMTS the MU-6300V will be shown cutting an aerospace blisk and will be attached to a PALLETACE flexible manufacturing system – the first time Okuma has shown a vertical machining center with an FMS.

Also on display will be the MA-12500H horizontal machining center. The hallmark of this machine is its ability to provide a good balance of speed and cutting power for machining of aluminum alloys, cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials. This makes it well suited for large part aerospace machining. The MA-12500H is so fast and powerful, it’s the machine of choice for building lathes at the Okuma DS1 plant in Oguchi, Japan. At IMTS this machine will demonstrate large-part machining, utilizing the full work envelope, cutting a propeller hub.  

Plus check out 9 other new machines:


In-Booth Presentations

Hand Scraping

Take advantage of the rare opportunity to see live demonstrations of hand scraping, performed by Okuma's skilled craftsmen. Learn why Okuma still performs hand scraping on every machine we build - without compromise. You may even get to "try your hand" at handscraping!

Demo Parts/Interactive Parts Display

Get inspired by our display of demo parts (from a variety of industries) and find out how we did it. You can also check out our Interactive Parts Display, where you'll explore the intricacies of part design via touch screen stations.


At 11 a.m. each day, David Odendahl, Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, will do a short presentation, complete with titanium cutting demonstration, to briefly discuss the optimization of programming with STEP-NC.

STEP Tools, Inc., founded in 1991, provides software tools to enable design and manufacturing information sharing. Its products leverage standards to enable new types of manufacturing efficiency. The ST-Developer® libraries are used for CAD translation in a large percentage of the world's workstations. The STEP-NC Machine® system enables direct execution of standardized CAM files on the CNC control.

5-Axis Auto Tuning System

The 5-Axis Auto Tuning System replaces the manual tuning process typically used to maintain motion accuracy in the CNC machining process. Manual tuning, a typical practice in many machine shops, can take five hours or more to perform, resulting in costly downtime.

See how the 5-Axis Auto Tuning System performs measurements and compensation in real-time and allows for adjustments to be made in 10 minutes, minimizing downtime and enabling higher levels of accuracy.

Machining Navi

Chatter is fairly common in the world of CNC machining. See how Okuma's Machining Navi can eliminate chatter and improve surface quality.

Machining Navi chooses optimal speed(s) at which your machine can avoid chatter, thereby saving operator time and maximizing productivity. Okuma invented Machining Navi, an optional function that uses the THINC®-OSP control and sensors to monitor chatter. If chatter is detected, the function then either recommends spindle speed changes (Machining Navi L-g and Machining Navi M-g) or automatically makes the spindle speed adjustments (Machining Navi M-i).

Connect with Okuma Service Representatives

Okuma’s network of Constantly Available Resource Experts (CARE) ensures your machine is installed properly and kept running at peak performance. Because the purchase of the machine is just the start of our relationship, Okuma CARE wants to help you protect your investment.

Stop by the CARE section of the Okuma booth to learn more about:

You care about service, and that’s why we do.

Other Presentations

TRAM Conference | The Evolution and Practical Application of STEP-NC
Wednesday, September 10 | 2:20 - 2:45

Jim Kosmala, Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Okuma
David Odendahl, Associate Technical Fellow , The Boeing Company

Boeing and Okuma will share their experiences in technology leadership with a new implementation of the STEP-NC ISO standard. Commercially available implementations, such as STEP Explorer, act as a universal CAM translator, similar in some ways to what MTConnect does for data transfer. This allows end users to leverage multiple tooling suppliers using a variety of CAM packages that provide optimized cutting paths resulting in reduced cycle times and increased tool life by taking advantage of the latest in tooling technology. These optimized tool paths can be incorporated into one STEP-NC file that retains process knowledge, not just the axis motion of G-code, for:

  • Portability or transfer of operations from one plant to another
  • Process retention, i.e., storing the process for future manufacturing use
  • Evaluating suppliers and solutions

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of STEP-NC, its evolution and role in the programming environment, and its practical applications.

IMTS Conference | Training for Existing and Emerging Technologies
Tuesday, September 9 | 3:15 PM - 4:10 PM | Room W-195 

Jeff Estes, Director of Partners in THINC, Okuma America Corporation

With the advent of emerging technologies, such as 3D Printing, will the need for CNC machinists diminish in the future? Should companies invest in training their employees in these new technologies? These two questions are asked hundreds of times each day in leadership discussions. Finding human talent to utilize and maintain existing and emerging technologies has always been a huge challenge for companies. This challenge isn’t new, it has existed throughout history. What has changed are the skill sets needed. This session will discuss the combination of formal “baseline” training, on-the-job training, enhancement training (both internally and externally) and future needs assessments.


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