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WG2 Quick Setup Gage

WG2 Quick Setup Gage

Control Gaging invented the “quick setup” gage head more than 40 years ago, slashing gage changeover time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds.  Some of the gages built then are still holding close tolerances today.

That combination of simplicity, accuracy and durability has been the relentless target of our design teams ever since.  On that basis we have been recognized, by users and competitors alike, as leaders in the process-control gaging industry.

The WG2 Gage Head is a fifth-generation product and has incorporated steady advances in all areas of the design:  bearing structure, corrosion resistance, coolant seals, setup and retract mechanism reliability, crash-resistance, easy-access adjustable features, repairability, and repeatability -- all in a compact form for tight tooling spaces.

The WG2 offers repeatability of less than .0005mm (.00002”), sets up in less than 30 seconds and comes with a two year warranty.

Company Description

Control Gaging has been a global leader in measurement & process control for the machining industry since 1972.  We design and manufacture in-process gages that provide closed-loop feedback to machine controls based on real-time part measurement. Our product line includes gages for ID, OD, disc and centerless grinders, turning machines, polishing/super finishing machines and other machining processes where finished size is critical.  Control Gaging also produces gage systems that can be integrated into material handling systems so that parts can be measured while being transported. This eliminates the need for separate gauging operations.

Control Gaging supplies the automotive, heavy truck, construction vehicle, bearing, motorcycle, electric motor, compressor, medical and aerospace industries.

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