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Centrifuges for Liquid-Solid Separation (Grinding & Machining Applications)

Centrifuges for Liquid-Solid Separation (Grinding & Machining Applications)

 Turbo Separators are designed to operate at high speeds for maximum separation performance. Most designs operate in excess of 2,000rpm generating the highest g-forces in the industry. Sanborn Technologies offers integrated systems complete with tanks, pumps and controls as well as custom engineered systems complete with options such as coolant chillers. See also our 3-phase Turbo Separators.


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Sanborn Technologies designs and manufactures centrifuge and membrane filtration systems for filtering coolants and oils and recycling those fluids in metalworking operations such as machining and grinding.  Equipment includes separators for individual machine tools or plant wide recycling as well as a line of sump-side filtration and tramp oil removal technologies.  The Company's membrane systems incorporate ultrafiltration (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) technology for oily waste minimization and recycling of mop and wash water as well as dye penetrant rinse water.  Reduce operating costs and increase productivity by recycling manufacturing fluids.

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