Marposs Corporation

Booth: E-5519 Pavilion: Quality Assurance

Booth: N-7433 Pavilion: Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing

3300 Cross Creek Parkway
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2758
P: 248-370-0404
F: 248-370-0621

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Manual Gauges & Components

Manual Gauges & Components

Company Description

Marposs is the leading global supplier of precision metrology equipment for improving productivity and reducing cost in manufacturing. Our products include manual gauges, sensors, probes and other gauge components; in-process gauges and compensation systems for grinders and other machine tools; automatic measurement and inspection systems; hardware and software for data collection; tool, machine and process monitoring and control systems; and equipment for leak testing and non-destructive testing.

Booth Shares
Product Categories
  • CTM-V6 Artis Machine Process Monitoring System
  • E9066e-bb and E9066-L7 Industrial PC's
  • i-Wave Manual Wireless Interface Device
  • M1 Star EBG Electronic Bore Gauge
  • M1 Star MBG Mechanical Bore Gauge
  • M1 Wave Manual Wireless Bore Gauge
  • Merlin Embedded Gauge Computer
  • Merlin Mobile Wearable Gauge Computer
  • Merlin Plus Windows Embedded Gauge Computer
  • NEMO Compact Gauge Computer
  • TBD Tool Breakage Detector
  • VOP Multi-channel Optical Transmission Probes
  • VOTS 90 Tool Setting Probe
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  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish