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Versatile PRO Bridge Mill

Versatile PRO Bridge Mill

Mighty Viper PRO Bridge Mill offers a versatile and powerful machine design. Multi-purpose cutting, all around machining. High performance spindle. Excellent for cutting large mold-and-die, and fine surfaces. Great for job shop environment.

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Mighty Solutions for a World of
MIGHTY has a wide-range of Viper machining centers that are able to satisfy the most demanding standards for precision metal cutting applications. Whether you are milling, boring or fine surface cutting, Mighty has a machine to get the job done; machines that give year-after-year operation and result in a high return-on-investment. 
Mighty prides in a truly complete line of machining centers that offer manufacturing solutions to a world of metal applications.
Viper meets the demanding needs of the machining industry by building modern machine tools made of premium materials and
components. Integrate premium materials with high-tech design features and the result is a reliable high performance machine
tool called Viper from Mighty USA. 
The Mighty Viper machine tool line is centered on six major machine types currently used across the global machining industry:
Double Column Bridge Mill
5-Axis Mills
Vertical Mills (C-Frame)
Horizontal Boring Mill
Vertical Turning Center
Horizontal Turning Center
Viper machines are on the job 24/7 filling the needs of machine shops and manufacturers from a wide range of global industries. Viper line offers a wide selection of choices, sizes, center distances, specifications and innovative options.
Whatever industry you work in, Viper machines can help you manufacture precision parts and clean-cut products. Experience higher levels of performance with machine tools designed to generate greater production volume. Find out how Viper can contribute to the success of your shop and production line.
Aerospace and Defense • Machine structurally complex parts according to precision industry requirements. Vipers are able to meet precision standards; they are Mil-I-45208A and ISO 9001:2008 compliant. Complete tough jobs easily on titanium, alloy steel, inconel and stainless steel raw stock.
Energy and Oil Field • Top oil well parts manufacturers rely on Mighty’s VT-series turning centers to produce long and heavy parts. Viper users are among the leading fabrication and machining shops serving the oil field industry. The heavy-duty VT-50Ax4000 has thrilled owners with high performance and reliable operation.
Automotive and Large Electronics  • Machine heavy parts and molds for automotive body, engine hoods and TFT-LCD panel screens. Mighty offers the speed and power to perform heavy and fine surface cutting for large mold and die machining requirements.
Medical and Small Electronics • Mighty provides virtually vibration resistance machining that enables the production of small plastic parts for medical components. Cut hard plastic material with fast spindle speeds and high feedrates.
Machine Automation • Mighty provides total solu- tions that go beyond machine with robotic automation. Integrate an advanced robotic system onto your shop floor to increase your parts production and generate greater business profits. Setting up an automatic machine system with loading and unloading systems can minimize loading time and increase work shift efficiency, resulting in a larger volume of per piece parts production. 
Whatever metal or parts production you may seek, Mighy offers a number of solutions to help you make the right decision. Tough materials and complex surfaces are easily cut by Mighty Viper machine tools. You could say, ‘Viper is one brand that does-it-all.’ 
We look forward to you experiencing higher levels of performance with Mighty Viper machine tools. Call 1-800-6-MIGHTY today and find out how Mighty machine tools can meet your metal application needs and help you achieve your manufacturing goals.  Visit us at Booth S-9441 in the South Hall Building. 

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