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TMX Power Chuck Packages

TMX Power Chuck Packages

Company Description

     Unlock the value of TMX Workholding Chuck Packages.  Savvy customers have already tapped into TMX Workholding Solutions rich business opportunities to create profitability for their expanding enterprises. 

     We help you to think creatively on how to expand your business.  What applications are challenging you to support your current and future business?  We are there every step of the way to assess and then recommend; we are your workholding partner!

     TMX Chuck Packages are a new way to simplify and grow your business.

     At Toolmex, we provide solutions for demanding workholding tasks with a variety of Power Chuck Packages for machine tools.

     Toolmex engineers are available to ensure that the TMX lathe chuck you buy will provide the results you are looking for.  Our engineers perform a full project review with you to get an in-depth understanding of your application.  After the review, we provide a concept drawing that we will discuss with you.  Once the final concept is fully agreed upon, detailed designs are completed and production begins.

·         {C}{C}TMX Chuck packages are engineered specifically for each machine tool dealer

·         {C}{C}TMX Chuck and cylinder package combination are optimized for peak performance

·         {C}{C}TMX Chuck upsizing; larger chucks are engineered to work with OE cylinder

·         {C}{C}With your TMX Chuck package, dynamically balanced draw tubes help reduce vibration at spindle

·         {C}{C}TMX Chuck packages maximized through-hole capacities; high tensile draw tubes

·         {C}{C}Proprietary yield, fatigue and tensile calculations ensure that drawtubes will stand the test of time 

·         {C}{C}All TMX Chucks, chuck packages, and Cylinders are backed by a 2 year warranty

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