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Cube Features Three-Dimensional Parts Cleaning

Cube Features Three-Dimensional Parts Cleaning

The SonicCell Cube is a high-performance precision parts-cleaning system that is field-proven to deliver superior particle count results. Originally designed to meet the stringent cleaning requirements of medical device manufacturers, the Cube is compact, fully automated, and fully enclosed. The Cube packs ultrasonics and two additional types of mechanical cleaning and rinsing actions plus air blow off to dry. The cleaning package is effective for a variety of parts including medical devices, aerospace and automotive components, and tools, among others.

Miraclean also builds process lines for precision cleaning, nitric and/or citric passivating, automated titanium anodizing, and automated penetrant application. Process chemistries are supplied for parts-cleaning, nitric and citric passivating, and titanium anodizing.

Company Description

Miraclean designs and manufactures high performance user-friendly parts-processing systems. These include manual or automated ultrasonic parts-cleaning systems, nitric and/or citric passivating systems, titanium anodizing systems, electro-polishing systems, and penetrant application systems. Miraclean automation is programmed in-house to meet user specifications and sets our systems apart. Miraclean also supplies field-proven process chemistries for parts cleaning, passivating, and anodizing.

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