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LaserSmart 500 Super-fine Laser Cutting and Ablation Machine

LaserSmart 500 Super-fine Laser Cutting and Ablation Machine

In response to an increasing demand from the aerospace and automotive industries for high performance cutting tools, Rollomatic has added a laser cutting machine to its portfolio of conventional grinding techniques. The initial strategy for this machine is to offer a more cost-effective way and higher quality in the production of PCD polycrystalline diamond, cBN cubic boron nitride and CVD chemical vapor deposited cutting tools which traditionally require to be produced by a double process of spark erosion and polish grinding.

Company Description

Rollomatic represents the professional approach to designing, building and manufacturing super precision CNC tool grinding and peel grinding machines for the cutting tool industry from simple automated precision grinding machines to highly sophisticated turn-key solutions. In addition, Rollomatic has successfully launched a super-fine laser cutting machine for hard materials such as PCD/CVD.

The Rollomatic machines have a long-standing reputation of being capable of manufacturing rotary and flat cutting tools from miniature sizes up to 1” diameter.

The future trends are:

Intelligent machine optimization for unattended production. Smart solutions for automation and post-grinding processes. New programming software and new 3D simulator. Indexable inserts and replaceable milling/drilling heads. Surgical and dental tools – economical solutions. Pinch/peel grinding developments combined with flat grinding. Ultra-small micro tools. Hydrostatic grinding machines. Further developments into laser cutting and laser ablation.

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