PRAB, Inc.

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5944 East N Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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Company Description

PRAB is a leading manufacturer of chip material handling and fluid filtration equipment. Engineered to help industrial manufacturers add value to scrap and decrease associated costs,  PRAB equipment conveys and conditions bushy metal turnings, removing cutting fluids and turning scrap into shovel-grade chips for increased resale or further processing. Our fluid filtration equipment takes collected cutting fluids and recycles them for reuse --  significantly increasing ROI by decreasing costs associated with hazardous waste disposal, and water, oil, and coolant replacement.  PRAB industrial partners depend on us to improve their shop safety and housekeeping by conveying scrap away from work areas and enabling environmental compliances for wastewater management. PRAB's partnership with Veolia Water has expanded our decades of experince in industrial wastewater treatment. From ultrafiltration, to evaporation, and to distillation technologies PRAB can help you meet your water reclaim and recycle goals. For more information on how can PRAB help you improve processes and increase profitability, visit


Product Categories
  • Dualpack
  • E-Series Chip Processing System
  • Evaled
  • Guardian
  • Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies