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Hawkeye® Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes

Any Hawkeye Rigid or Flexible Borescope can quickly become a videoscope by simply attaching our Luxxor® Video Camera, allowing high-quality video inspection images to be displayed on portable video monitors, or, laptop and desktop computers. Those images can be saved, documented and e-mailed. Our newest Hawkeye® V2 Videoscopes are fully portable, and offer 4-way articulation. We manufacture over 80 models of rigid, flexible, and video borescopes. Most are in stock and ready for overnight delivery.

Company Description

Gradient Lens Corporation manufacturers over 80 models of patented Hawkeye® Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes. Hawkeye’s offer world-class image quality, overnight delivery, and prices one-half to one-third that of comparable borescopes!

Our newest, portable V2 articulating video borescopes display high-quality inspection images on portable video monitors. Any of our rigid or flexible borescopes can also be connected to our Luxxor Portable Video Camera. We sell more industrial borescopes than any other manufacturer.

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