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AW3SL Linear Wire EDM

AW3SL Linear Wire EDM

The AW-SL series machines offer the flexibility of 4 standard sizes starting with XY work travel of 14.6”x10.6” with a Z axis of 10.2” and going up as large as 36.2”x24.2” with a Z axis of 15.7”.   The large capacity allows our partners to work with work pieces as large as 54”x39”x15.7”.  AMS and Chmer are both very focused on the customer’s needs so allow the flexibility to discuss also special sizes and include them into their other product offerings.

The combination of the Linear motor drive system and the high strength “T” shape heavy ribbed casting allow for the perfect thermal balance design and long term reliability which today’s market demands.  Linear motor drives with precision glass scales provide the fully closed loop system for the high accuracy positioning and part shape definition verses ball screw drives. Also, the Linear motor drives offer quick response, low vibration and virtually zero backlash resulting in improved accuracy and finish with less machining time for the same results.

As with all Chmer and AMS machines, the simple (AWT) Automatic Wire Threader is standard on all machines offering threading in less than 8 seconds.  Only 5 moving parts in the entire threading system, the AWT stands out as one of the simplest in the market with reduced maintenance costs and high reliability.  Threading with or without a water jet is another feature which also sets this design apart from all the others.

Company Description

EDM Network, Inc is the exclusive machine importer and parts and service provider for both CHMER EDM as well as their sister company , AMS Tech, for the US, Canada and Mexico market. Between CHMER and AMS Tech, we offer the world's largest selection of EDMs with over 55 different models of EDMS: Wire Edms, Znc and cnc sinker Edms, and Znc and full 6 axis cnc Edm small hole drillers. In addition, Chmer offer 3 different sizes of their 30,000 Rpm High Speed Mills for both Graphite and Hardened Metals. In addition to the new EDMs and Mills , EDM Network offers a large section of fully Refurbished EDMs from most EDM builders. Our Refurbished EDMs are offered complete with on site training and limited warranties.

EDM Network, Inc. is an American-owned company that has its roots back to the first American-made wire EDM - Andrew Engineering Co., Hopkins, Minnesota. Since 1972, the founder, Ron Vogel, has been involved exclusively in the EDM industry. In 1992 EDM Network began providing quality refurbished EDMs form most major EDM manufacturers, in additions to the new CHMER and AMS Tech EDMs. We maintain an inventory of spare parts and EDM consumables for the CHMER and AMS Tech line as well as many of the refurbished EDMs we sell. EDM Network offers our exclusive and affordable Wire EDM tooling plus System 3R and Erowa tooling.


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