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Innovative Precision 3D Metrology Solutions for Rapid Process Improvement

Innovative Precision 3D Metrology Solutions for Rapid Process Improvement

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3D Scanners | Inspection | Photogrammetry | Automation & Robotics

3D measurement plays a tremendous role in product design, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.

Metrology is more than just finding coordinate values.  It’s about quickly delivering accurate results to take the guess work out, so your company can rapidly turnaround the right strategy to save precious time and money.  The purpose of measurement is to lead to improvement, and metrology has evolved to conquer manufacturing's challenges. Companies have progressed from traditional methods to optical non-contact 3D metrology.  It has become a standard tool within virtually all industries.

Capture 3D provides complete 3D metrology solutions with precise accuracy and fast speeds to ensure process optimization.   Engineered with the highest quality, our solutions have proven to be an indispensable asset for quality control in modern product development and production process chains.  Our unparalleled quality, high resolution optics, stability, and integrated intelligent software orchestrates a revolutionary 3D metrology machine. Capture 3D’s objective is to make sure our customers are successful in reaching their goals. 

  • Improve design, manufacturing, and production workflows
  • Accurate and rapid full part inspection and analysis
  • High definition data to optimize application post processes
  • Accelerated return on investment
  • Uniform quality standards for producers and suppliers


Metrology is the process that validates the parts, and the parts that create the parts, to ensure all are within tolerance and meet design intent.  Capture 3D, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California was founded in 1997 as the North American partner for GOM Optical Measuring Systems in Germany. Capture 3D has offices throughout the United States including an Automated Metrology Solutions Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As an industry leader in 3D optical non-contact measurement solutions we will help you gain more knowledge about your engineering processes, so you can quantify what is actually going on to solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, optimize workflows, eliminate wasteful costs/rework, and improve product quality while accelerating ROI. 

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