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Introducing Revolutionary Crash Damage Protection at IMTS

Introducing Revolutionary Crash Damage Protection at IMTS

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Spindle repair is at the heart of GTI's business. We have the expertise and in-house technology to get your problem resolved. Our thorough procedures for machine tool spindle failure analysis, spindle calibration, and spindle testing are just a few of the reasons why we are one of the largest spindle repair specialists in the country. Our primary goal is to reduce your down time and return to you a spindle that runs better than it did when it was new. At IMTS GTI is introducing crash damage protection. Stay tuned for additional information on this breakthrough in spindle damage protection. 
We also have a division of GTI that specializes in predictive maintenance. At the core of our platform is the iPad; from that we have developed an entire platform of applications and hardware accessories that transform the iPad into a single device for all of your maintenance needs. Currently GTI's iPad platform includes vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, shaft laser alignment, geometric leveling and measurements, thermography and includes additional tools like vibration transmissibility. At IMTS GTI Predictive Technology is introducing a wireless accelerometer that works with our existing software and a better thermography solution on the iPad. 

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