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Ti-Loc ER Taper Integrated Small Tooling

Ti-Loc ER Taper Integrated Small Tooling

 GenSwiss offers the Ti-Loc SwissClamp slitting and milling toolholders for increased rigidity, high quality and long tool life. It enables quick-change of tooling into fixed locations. Designed to direct mount to any ER 11 or ER16 collet holder using standard ER nuts, the taper integrated Ti-Loc toolholders extends micro end mills closer to the workpiece while clearing the guidebushing while maintaining excellent TIR. In addition they eliminate inaccuracies caused by “tolerance stacking”. Typical TIR is held to 0.0002” or better. All mating surfaces are precision ground.

The Ti-Loc taper integrated design eliminates a collet and allows the operator to preset tool length out of the machine. For both sawing and milling, repeatable positioning is a given as well as increased rigidity.

Arbors are available for 5 mm, 8 mm, and ¼” and 5/16” ID saws with more sizes in development. Micro end mill extensions are available to hold 3 mm, 4 mm, 1/8 and 3/16” shanks in both ER16 and ER11 tapers. Toolholder Installation simply requires a twist and snap into nearly any ER clamping nut. No special holding nut is required however GenSwiss recommends REGO-FIX Hi-Q nuts for best accuracy. 

Company Description

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. provides unique high precision Tools & Accessories that advance small parts manufacturing & Swiss Type Machining. We strive to deliver products that live up to our customer's reasonable expectations with reliable service and proven solutions for critical small parts manufacturing needs. 

For any Swiss Type Machine--Citizen, Star, Hanwha, Tsugami, Tornos, Nexturn or Maier, Genevieve Swiss can equip your machines for today's new and more demanding manufacturing requirements and help achieve greater productivity.

Our innovative product line is your complete resource for greater profitability from your Swiss Type Machines. 

We stand ready to serve you.



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