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The OR Laser DiodeLine product family continues to grow

The OR Laser DiodeLine product family continues to grow!The new OR Laser EVO MOBILE DiodeLine laser system combines innovation with never before achieved flexibility, efficiency, and easy operability. Diode-pumped laser systems use laser diodes with a life of more than 200,000 hours, so that they operate practically maintenance-free. Operation of the system no longer requires a high-voltage connection, a simple 230 V outlet is sufficient. OR Laser DiodeLine systems reach a peak power of up to 3 kW (300 W mean power) with pulse lengths of 0.1 ms to 50 ms and max. repetition rates of up to 100 Hz. All stationary systems of the DiodeLine product line are equipped with a motorized beam expander and automatic lens recognition. The high beam quality and good focusing ability make it possible to achieve very fine spot sizes of up to 50 µm in the laser focus.

The new IQ hand laser makes repair welding on site even more efficient

The new IQ hand laser makes repair welding on site even more efficientExtreme mobility, coupled with yet more laser power - this is the concept of the new and revised iQ hand laser system. A diode-pumped fiber laser with up to 300 W average power and up to 3 kW peak power provides sufficient optical power for the most demanding of welding tasks directly on site.

Compact, precise, and always ready: The mobile iQ hand laser unit was designed especially for smaller repairs directly at the installation site. This solution, leading to considerable time and cost savings, is known as “Inline Laser Repair”. The IQ LASER combines high technological requirements with practical operation comfort. The processing optics are located in an ergonomically shaped manual operation part, which has been processed from a heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and very light high-tech plastic.

Precise to the point: Laser deep engraving with the MAG laser

The OR Laser DiodeLine product family continues to grow!Whether stone, metal, glass, or plastics - there is hardly a material that cannot be engraved. But how to best leave lasting impressions? Laser engraving continues to replace mechanical engraving more and more. The laser beam knows no wear, even minute corner radii of a few µm are possible.

The MAG lettering laser sets signals for deep engraving. The laser beam shows no wear and tear and thus guarantees a constant high quality. The flexible, computer-aided control permits any desired individualization of the marking. Lettering of mowing workpieces, as in assembly line work, also is possible.


Company Description

OR Laser is an experienced manufacturer of laser machines and provides you with systems tailored perfectly to your needs. Whether manual or mobile lasers, lettering lasers, or process-controlled CNC laser systems, we have the right solution for you.

Automotive industryjewelry manufactureaeronautics, machine assembly – these and all other sectors have the following in common: For precise work, enjoy the many advantages of laser welding, right up to highly developed finishing techniques.

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