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oelheld - THE Leader in SYNTHETICS

oelheld - THE Leader in SYNTHETICS

Features @ IMTS 2014:

SintoGrind TTS-US

Is formulated from synthetically produced poly-alpha-olefin based fluid, which provides unlimited life span if properly filtered. Lubricity lends to extended wheel life and minimal heat build-up in work pieces. This results in higher production rates and elimination of surface cracks. This product has no hazardous elements and exhibits stable viscosity at different temperatures.

DiaGrind 535-15

Is been used successfully on gear hobbing, gear grinding and even for gear shaping applications on machines like Reishauer, Gleason Pfauter, Klingelnberg and Hoefler. DiaGrind 535-15 contains a blend of high quality additives and superior base oils and does not require regeneration or complete exchange for many years. Its high performance characteristics are coveted by a number of transmission manufacturing companies in this country, while its environmentally friendly composition keeps their operators safe and their equipment in top shape.

Vomat Filtration Units

oelheld U.S. is the official distributor of VOMAT Filtration Systems. VOMAT offers high performance back flushing cartridge filter systems with highly accurate temperature control, automatic controlled sludge sedimentation and online monitoring to avoid any shut downs of the filtration system during production. The VOMAT range includes stand alone and whole plant systems.

Company Description

oelheld - Your Specialist for Industrial Lubricants

In 2012 oelheld celebrated its 125 years jubilee. oelheld was founded by Carl Christian Held in 1887 in Stuttgart, Germany. Today oelheld is a prestigious lubricant specialist and worldwide active.

oelheld develops grinding fluids, cutting fluids and water-soluble fluids for many different applications.

Human technology is not just a trademark at oelheld - it is our guiding principle for a better future.

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