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4 Ridiculous Ways Manufacturing is Portrayed in the Media

AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology’s gurus have an ax to grind — and some myths to bust. Check out the top four ridiculous ways manufacturing is portrayed in the media.

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4 Ridiculous Ways Manufacturing is Portrayed in the Media

Manufacturing Technology Oct 11, 2021

AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology’s gurus have an ax to grind — and some myths to bust. Check out their list of inaccurate portrayals of manufacturing in the media.

In-Person MT Series Coming to a Region Near You

Events Oct 11, 2021

We’re co-producing with SME, the MT Series in-person. Tailored to each area, the 4 regional manufacturing shows are HOUSTEX, Oct. 5-7, Houston; EASTEC, Oct. 19-21, West Springfield; SOUTHTEC, Oct. 26-28, Greenville; and WESTEC, Nov. 16-18, Long Beach.

Digital Thread Explained: Its Promise in Manufacturing - Part I

Manufacturing Technology Oct 4, 2021

Gain an overview of the digital thread in manufacturing operations: how it works, the potential value it provides, its current status within the industry, and the challenges to achieving a fully integrated thread.

Digital Thread Explained: Its Integration Challenges - Part II

Manufacturing Technology Oct 4, 2021

Will the successful standardization and integration of data into a digital thread at most manufacturing companies be closely linked to collaboration with major technology companies or will the industry need to develop its own solutions? Industry leaders share their perspectives. 

ReBuilding and Reshoring: Skilled Workforce, the First Priority - Part 2

Supply Chain Sep 30, 2021

The United States must invest in training to develop a workforce aligned with industry-needed skills for a talent pipeline that remains current with new technologies. Read about training investments and solutions that support skilled workforce development to rebuild the U.S. manufacturing technology base.

Industry-Approved Training on

Smartforce Sep 27, 2021

Are you a manufacturer who needs some employees trained for robotics applications? is a new national resource connecting workers and employers with vetted training programs in robotics for manufacturing. Search by location, organization, educational institution, and more. Updated daily, the database includes about 10,000 programs from nearly 1,200 organizations. 

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Invisibly Creeping Into Industry

Manufacturing Technology Sep 27, 2021

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, you find out that nanomaterials are everywhere, including industrial manufacturing. What are they? How does nanotechnology work? Why is it valuable? Learn the basics about this growing field at the intersection of the physical, chemical, and biological worlds – but too small to see! Some measure less than 100 billionths of a meter.

Do You Qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?

Business Sep 21, 2021

More than likely, you do! If your business has fewer than 500 employees, then you probably qualify for this special tax break that could potentially eliminate your payroll tax and give you an influx of needed cash. If your business was not able to operate in a way comparable to pre-COVID times, then you’ll want to read on. Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the table.

IMTS 2022 Registration is Open

IMTS 2022 Sep 21, 2021

The countdown for IMTS 2022 has kicked off! Hear about six things you can do now to begin your IMTS 2022 journey: peruse exhibitor products and services, interact with experts, and learn about new technologies and business strategies through online events and on-demand programs.

Five Manufacturing Tech Trends to Watch

Manufacturing Technology Sep 17, 2021

Tech trends aren’t just fun; they’re important. Get up to speed on all the manufacturing technology trends to watch with AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology’s gurus.

Discover What's Happening at IMTS 2022

IMTS 2022 Sep 13, 2021

Excitement is growing as planning for IMTS 2022, one of the world’s largest manufacturing technology events, is underway. Get the scoop on the technology, companies, and attractions coming to IMTS 2022. See how you can interact now with technology experts, exhibitors, and more.

7 Tips for Staying Up-to-Date on Manufacturing Technology

Business Sep 10, 2021

Managing a modern manufacturing operation today means staying current on the transformative technologies that can help you be more agile. Here’s how teams can track and share information, plus the essential podcasts and email newsletters focused on the latest technologies transforming the industry.

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