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Coffee Chat - IMTS Conference Recap

Bill Herman, Mike DiFranco, Carl Jacobsen, Elizabeth Modic, Eric Brothers, Robert Schoenberger, Michelle Jaconson

Mon, Mar 1 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Central

Grab your favorite morning brew and join the IMTS spark morning Coffee Chat. Engage with industry experts, expand your network, and gain insight on a spectrum of topics pertinent to advanced manufacturers.

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Mon, Mar 1 9:30 AM - 9:45 AM Central

Multi-Tasking redefined the machine tool industry – and Mazak is ready to help you redefine it once again with the INTEGREX i-H Series, the next generation of Mazak Multi-Tasking technology. The INTEGREX i-200H ST features a new flat-face design and space-saving enclosure that make it ideal for modern shop environments as well as a multitude of automation options. Its faster and more powerful turning spindles, space-saving milling spindles and a new parallel-type lower turret with optional live tooling give it exceptional part-processing flexibility – as you’ll see in this demonstration by Joe Wilker. The INTEGREX i-200H ST handles geometrically complex steel parts with DONE IN ONE® ease thanks to the machine’s advanced turning, drilling and milling capabilities. It also features the latest in Mazak control technology, the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, the industry’s first control built for 5-axis Multi-Tasking, which makes high part quality and process security easier to achieve than ever thanks to new, AI-powered SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions. Read More

Mon, Mar 1 2:15 PM - 2:30 PM Central

Watch the latest generation of Mazak's HCN series of horizontal machining centers, the HCN-6800 NEO, partnered with a single-level PALLETECH system to automate machine-pallet delivery as Application Specialist Mike Kerscher and Application Engineer Ed Overman machine a connecting rod for a diesel engine. This upgraded machine features a fully redesigned enclosure, a big performance boost and a wide range of standard options. The 10,000 rpm spindle provides a 23% horsepower increase, and the optional high-torque 8,000 rpm spindle offers 50% more constant horsepower and 26% more constant torque: more than 1,000 ft lbs, a big assist in tackling tough materials such as titanium. Standard features include an NC rotary table to reach part features at virtually any angle, reducing cycle time by eliminating the need to lift the table, and increased maximum tool length within the work envelope. With a class-leading pallet-change time, a reduced overall footprint and Windows 10 on the CNC operating system, this next-generation machine offers enhanced performance without additional cost. Read More

Wed, Mar 3 9:30 AM - 9:45 AM Central

Now shops can eliminate the need for an expensive dedicated gear-cutting machine. Watch as Cybertec Product Manager Joe Kraemer and Application Engineer Mike Finn create a 2,000 lb workpiece with ID spur, double helical and OD gears on the HYBRID Multi-Tasking Mazak INTEGREX i-630V AG. This heavy-duty 5-axis machine adds Mazak's SMOOTH Gear Cutting software suite on its MAZATROL SmoothAI CNC to eliminate guesswork from programming and synchronization of turning/milling spindles at high rpm for highly refined single-setup gear milling, hobbing and skiving with smoother tooth-surface finishes. SMOOTH Gear Cutting enables operators to program workpieces including spur, helical, spiral and straight-bevel gears directly on the CNC, using a graphical user interface to fill in number of teeth, pressure angles and other data. The control generates a program that creates the toolpath automatically. Designed for heavy-duty machining and large complex workpieces, the INTEGREX i-630V AG incorporates a powerful turning spindle, a 10,000 rpm, 50 hp milling spindle and up to a 348-tool magazine. Read More

The Demo Days Warm-up Cycle: Milling & Machining Centers

Stephen LaMarca, Jules McGuire, Travis Egan, Brent Donaldson

Wed, Mar 3 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Central

Welcome to Demo Days, where today we’ll drill down into the newest Milling & Machining Centers at the heart of digital manufacturing. Warm-up Cycle co-hosts Jules McGuire, Assistant Director of Content at AMT, and Stephen LaMarca, Manufacturing Technology Analyst at AMT, will set the stage by talking with Brent Donaldson, Senior Editor at Modern Machine Shop and Additive Manufacturing Magazine. With a foot firmly planted in the subtractive and additive world (you might call him a hybrid editor), Brent will discuss the merging of these complimentary technologies.

Next, we’ll chat with our own multi-tasking expert, AMT Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer Travis Egan. Coming to AMT after 25 years in the publishing business, Travis has connected with a Who’s Who in the machining industry. Travis will discuss the need for constant exposure to new technologies, challenges for adoption and success stories from those that have gained a competitive edge.

See the full schedule of March 3, Demo Day: Milling & Machining Centers. 

Explore all the schedules in the Demo Days series here! 


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Wed, Mar 3 10:30 AM - 10:45 AM Central

Your shop needs Mazak reliability, performance and quality to stay ahead of the competition – and with the new Mazak VC-Ez Series of vertical machining centers, that technology is now more accessible than ever. The Kentucky-designed and built VC-Ez 20, shown machining a feature-rich part by Mazak’s Michael Flaherty and Nolan Schwaeble in this demonstration, offers outstanding accuracy and rigidity along with a comprehensive range of optional features in a compact, space-saving machine footprint. Two pre-tensioned, internally cooled spindle options and 30 to 50-tool magazine capacities ensure that this flexible solution can be easily integrated into any part-production operations. For even greater ease of use, the new MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC provides an ergonomic and simple solution for machine operation and part programming. The vibrant 15-inch touch-screen display can show a full-width keyboard or up to 60 program lines – plus, with full EIA/G-Code and MAZATROL conversational programming compatibility, even your newest operators can leverage the full power of the VC-Ez 20. Read More

Wed, Mar 3 10:45 AM - 11:00 AM Central

Spreadsheets may give you comparative data, but knowing the characteristics and intrinsic value of a machine line can give you a deeper perspective on utilization. Attend this presentation to learn more about Okuma’s machining center models and where they target the market. Read More

Creep Feed Grinding with the BLOHM PROFIMAT XT

United Grinding North America, Inc.

Wed, Mar 3 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Central

More and more manufacturers are discovering the number of benefits creep feed grinding process can deliver, particularly when their application requires high material removal rate while maintaining a very high quality surface finish. In this video, Regional Sales Manager Phil Wiss explores the different types of creep feed grinding the BLOHM PROFIMAT XT can support. Read More

Advanced Machining toolpath strategies

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Wed, Mar 3 11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Central

Make sure to tune in for a 15 Minute Live Demonstration on our latest manufacturing software technologies for advanced machining toolpaths. During the presentation, you will be able to chat with our experts that will help solve your challenges. Read More

Live Waterjet Cutting

Flow Waterjet

Wed, Mar 3 11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Central

Take a step inside Flow’s Customer Technology Center where you’re at the forefront of waterjet technology. Join us for a tour of the center along with waterjet demonstrations where we’ll be cutting three different materials on three different machines: fiberglass insulation on the Mach 100 with pure waterjet cutting, Dekton stone on the Mach 200 with Pivot+ waterjet, and aluminum on the Mach 500 with Dynamic XD and taper compensation. See the versatility of a Flow waterjet first-hand. If you would like to learn more about Flow Waterjet technology or connect with one of our application experts about your business needs, email us at Read More