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Tue, Jan 19 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Central

Great leaders endure. Throughout their distinguished careers, they encounter times of great challenge and opportunity and apply what they learn to strategize for the future. Meet the manufacturing industry giants as they share their stories and wisdom on overcoming obstacles, planning for success, and looking for ways to up their competitive advantage.

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Tue, Jan 19 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Central

Introducing the Hexagon structured light scanner PolyWorks plug-in, letting users streamline their scanning and inspection workflow into a single software environment, with clear productivity benefits. As Hexagon’s plug-in embeds its structured light scanning data acquisition functionality within the inspection software, customers have direct real-time access to the complete functionality of Innovmetric’s universal platform PolyWorks. Read More

Direct Robot Control Function

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Tue, Jan 19 11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Central

Learn how the Direct Robot Control (DRC) function allows easy control of a robot through a Mitsubishi Electric M8 Series CNC controller. With a growing demand for machine/robot collaboration in automated manufacturing, and expanding applications for robots for part load/unload, deburring, and inspection, DRC allows a robot to be controlled with the same programming language as machine tools. DRC in an intuitive, easy to operate system which allows the CNC to directly control the robot via EIA (G and M Code commands). The robot has a direct Ethernet connection to the CNC and dedicated robot screens on the HMI which allows the machine operator and the machine setup engineer the ability to program both the CNC and the robot in the same programming language. Read More

TLC: Tom and Lonnie Chat - Concrete Printing

Thomas Kurfess, Benjamin Moses, Lonnie Love, Brian Post

Wed, Jan 20 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Central

Chat with the engineers who work hard to help you work smarter! World-renown researchers Thomas Kurfess, Ph.D. and Lonnie J. Love, Ph.D. join us from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Charged with ensuring our country’s manufacturing sector thrives, Kurfess and Love are blazing new trails by asking “what if” questions and whittling away the kinks in the last step of manufacturing technology products before market. This conversation is your chance to hear about the transformative technologies emerging within the industry; pose questions about how their research can help your business; and gain insight into their technology assessment strategies. These guys aren’t just INTELLIGENT…they’re practical, approachable, and witty.

January Focus:  Imagine using additive manufacturing at its permanent site to lay concrete to build the tower of a wind turbine. Hear firsthand how ORNL’s manufacturing technology team is developing a novel, large-scale, rapidly deployable 3D printing system, named the Sky Big Area Additive Manufacturing (SkyBAAM), to be a fieldable concrete deposition machine with pick and place abilities enabling quick, low-cost and full-scale, automated construction of buildings.

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Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Okuma America Corporation

Thu, Jan 21 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM Central

We Offer More Than Just Machines – We Offer Peace of Mind, Too!
Join us to learn how Okuma can better promote uptime in your facility by offering a robust preventive maintenance program that is backed by industry leading technology. Read More

Thu, Jan 21 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM Central

Want to shorten machining time and reduce cost? How about optimizing the use of your raw materials while boosting manufacturing throughput and minimizing waste? In this demo, we’ll cover how Fusion 360’s Nesting Workspace can automate part placement and arrangement, calculate nests on multiple sheets with corresponding materials and quantities, compare results, create automatic reports, generate machine toolpaths and post process to generate NC Code. Read More

Thu, Jan 21 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Central

Gain insight and ideas to enhance your manufacturing career, encourage women in their careers, and promote the industry to girls—all of which strengthen the industry as a whole.

Women Make Manufacturing Move features women from a variety of positions from across the industry speaking about their career paths, ideas for success, the attributes women bring to the industry, and the benefits the industry offers everyone: good pay, problem-solving, and work-life balance.

Meet manufacturing enthusiast Kelly Kasner who has decades of experience in contract machining specializing in the molding making area. Kelly is connected not only with the mold making industry but to both the supply chain and industrial sectors that utilize molds in their manufacturing process. She is one of NTMA’s Emerging Leaders and was responsible for the expansion of the Midwest & Western regional chapters of NTMA. In addition to directing Michiana Global Mold’s sales and marketing programs, and her roles within NTMA, Kelly also sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Advisory Board. Join Kelly as she shares her insights into changes the pandemic has brought to sales and marketing in manufacturing, the recent expansion of mold making in the U.S., and the expansion of women’s role in the metalworking industries.

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Mon, Jan 25 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Central

How do manufacturers manage in this time of crisis? What are the best strategies for an uncertain future? Join the conversation as top leaders from the industry discuss how they are driving their businesses forward amid significant disruptions and learn how they are using technology to prepare for what’s next.  

Ehrhardt Automation Systems’ VP Pat Walsh discusses how the 84-year old company, formally named Ehrhardt Engineered Solutions, has transformed from a premium tool and die house to become a premier automation integrator. Today Ehrhardt designs and builds custom tools, special machines, automated assembly equipment, and fully integrated solutions from concept to final specification. Hear about the choices they wrangled with to achieve change and growth, their significant investments in capital equipment, and how their strategy to broaden their customer base is paying dividends.

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Tsugami TMA8F Exhibitor Demo

Tsugami / Rem Sales, LLC

Tue, Jan 26 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Central

Tune in for a 15 Minute Live Demonstration on the Tsugami TMA8F. The Tsugami TMA8F Multitasking Turning Center is the ultimate machining solution. The TMA8F is a 7-Axis Turn/Mill equipped with a 60 tool magazine and the ability to perform full 5-Axis simultaneous machining to machine complex parts complete in a compact, flexible machine tool. You can take the most complex part and perform a full range of operations: CNC milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading in a single set-up. During this presentation, you will be able to chat with a Tsugami/Rem Sales Engineering expert that will help solve your toughest challenges. Tsugami/Rem Sales - Partner with the people you trust! Read More

SAP Industry 4.0 Strategy

SAP America, Inc.

Tue, Jan 26 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM Central

Join SAP Experts as we walk virtually through SAP's Industry 4.0 strategy including an Introduction to our Industry 4.Now physical Showcase Hubs and extend an invitation for you to take an extended virtual Hub Tour. Read More