IMTS offers extensive training for our exhibitors through webinars, regional tours and our largest training event, the IMTS Exhibitor Workshop. See below for all the opportunities offered to help you prepare for IMTS 2016.

IMTS 2016 Exhibitor Workshop

Best Way to Prepare for IMTS

The IMTS Exhibitor Workshop provided top-notch presenters covering topics from marketing, customer relationships, booth design, social media, lead tracking, and more! Everything you need to help you with your IMTS planning process.

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IMTS Exhibitor Webinars & Podcasts

We offer monthly webinar and podcast training for our exhibitors. Check out the schedule and the past webinars specifically for IMTS exhibitors housed in the Webinar Library.

For questions, please call us at 800-828-7469 or email


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IMTS Exhibitor Passport Training

Exhibitor Passport

If you want to take full advantage of the IMTS Exhibitor Passport, your one-stop-shop for IMTS marketing, lead generation and budgeting, be sure to check out our webinar training!

Exhibitor Passport Training