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Week Ending February 7

Category: Apprentice Feb 11, 2020

Sean Delaney | Apprentice Test Technician | AMRC ASTC |

I have continued to work on my assessment piece on the CNC milling machine, having used similar tools to those used on the manual machine. The assessment piece is a steel block on which I have to demonstrate different processes, similar again to the manual machine. 

I had to program the machine, set it, and run it. That involved creating pockets, drilling, tapping and reaming. I had a near miss whilst running it. I watched as the drill approached the work in a way that was unintended and was about to hit it but, I luckily pressed the emergency stop in time. Others in the group have not been so lucky since many have crashed their machines. 

Success and failure are all part of our learning process.

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