International Manufacturing Technology Show

September 10 - 15, 2018 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

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REGO-FIX Tool Corporation


7752 Moller Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
United States of America

P: 317-870-5959
F: 317-870-5955


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About REGO-FIX Tool Corporation

With U.S. headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, REGO-FIX, inventor of the original ER collet system, is a world leader in the manufacture of Swiss precision tooling. Products include the powRgrip® System, micRun® System, secuRgrip®, reCool® Cooling System and a variety of other toolholders, collets, nuts and accessories.

At IMTS, REGO-FIX will unveil new tooling technologies along with innovative next generation products in booth W-2239. The company will show its new intRlox® Mini Nut slip proof clamping system. Other featured technologies include reCool® Mini, a retrofittable coolant-through system for use on Swiss-style machines, and Rigid Holders for extreme cutting applications that use powRgrip® clamping systems.

For those shops in need of safer tool changeouts, the REGO-FIX intRlox Mini Nuts guarantee wrenches, once properly engaged, will not slip off the ER collet nuts. To make it easier for those shops to exchange their existing Swiss machine tooling to this much safer system, REGO-FIX has designed new easy-to-use nut and wrench sets that will be displayed at IMTS.

Unlike standard ER collet nuts, the smaller size intRlox nuts feature a patented anti-slip design that uses rounded locking grooves situated around the nut profiles as opposed to end face surfaces. Wrenches grip from the sides of the nuts, and the action of tightening or loosening temporarily locks wrenches in place.

As a complement to its original reCool system for water-based coolants, REGO-FIX designed a new system to also work with oil coolants primarily used by Swiss-style turning machines. Like its companion system, the new reCool Mini converts existing live turret tooling with ERM mini threads to include through-coolant capabilities in as little as two minutes. The system gets coolant to the cutting edge much more effectively than do spray pipes or nozzles, and thus easily removes heat from the cutting zone and contributes to better surface finishes, longer tool life, improved chip control and increased productivity.

Newly designed Rigid Holders are over 1.5 times more rigid than a standard configuration. The increased rigidity provides high security toolholding in high-feed rate milling and high-cutting force applications. Higher rigidity in these holders leads to less holder deflection and improved cutting performance for demanding operations. Rigid Holders enable the use of higher feed rates for increased metal removal rates while maintaining accuracy and high-quality surface finishes. Rigid Holders are currently available only for powRgrip systems. 

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