International Manufacturing Technology Show

September 10 - 15, 2018 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

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Edge Technologies


11600 Adie Road
Saint Louis, MO 63043
United States of America

P: 314-692-8388
F: 314-692-5150


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About Edge Technologies

Edge Technologies is a leading productivity solutions provider to the precision metal-cutting industry. Product lines include; the full line of FMB Bar Feeders and the Edge Bar Feeders line-up offering economical excellence for 6’ & 12’ bar feeders and short loaders with capacities up to 102mm.

Edge Technologies is a process-driven company that increases performance using the principles of continuous improvement. Our engineering and application departments are staffed by associates who served as field service technicians. We understand the technology from a hands-on basis. With a history of success and innovation as demonstrated by 30 years of experience providing bar feeder and lathe automation solutions to the production turning industry, we have completed over 10,000 successful installations of magazine feeders in the North American marketplace. Edge has a pioneering history of innovation in the use of twelve-foot magazine bar feeders on Swiss lathe applications, such as the development of telescopic noses to improve performance and safety. It’s this commitment to excellence and innovation that provide a strong foundation for the company.

Edge Technologies also represents the full line of Schlenker collets and guide bushings, including an innovative selection of fully sealed collets made from the finest materials for long, uninterrupted use. Each of these collets are manufactured from steel specifically made for this specific use and accept polyurethane inserts that grip the barstock rather than steel as in other collet designs. This design allows the user to cut softer materials without any marks being left on the outside dimension of the final product. These inserts can be manufactured to grip round, square, hex, and profiled materials. Schlenker collets and bushings have exceptional and consistent clamping pressures that handle bar inaccuracies and fluctuations with ease. 

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