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C.R. Onsrud Inc.

120 Technology Drive
PO Box 419
Troutman, NC 28166
United States of America

P: 704-508-7000
F: 704-528-6170

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About C.R. Onsrud Inc.

C.R. Onsrud CNC machines are found in the manufacturing facilities of many of the largest brands in the world, and our team takes pride in living up to those lofty  standards. Walk into manufacturing facilities across the world, and you’ll see components and parts beings made on our machines for Boeing, Goodyear, Steinway & Sons, and many, many more. They’ll immediately tell you the value and performance the Onsrud label brings to their bottom line. We’ve been around for decades cutting wood, metals, composite materials, plastics, and more.


From our state-of-the-art factory in Troutman, North Carolina, C.R.Onsrud manufactures some of the most highly sought-after CNC machines on the market today. Design, engineering and production teams, spend many long hours, tirelessly crafting, building and tuning your machine, and every product that departs our facility, is a unique and exceptional workhorse - created with your specific manufacturing need in mind. Companies turn to us for their machinery needs, because we can offer them a tailor-made solution rather than an off-the-shelf, stock machine. The bottom line is, the machine we build for you, will help your business grow, not just meet the production demands you have today. We want to help you #shapetheworld.

Special In-Booth Events (3)

Data Driven Manufacturing Q & A | Powered by Osync Machine Analytics®

Category: Meetup

Date(s): 09/12/2018, 10:00 AM - 09/12/2018, 10:20 AM

Event Info:

- In-depth Introduction to Osync Machine Analytics Software with developer Jeff Onsrud

- Industry 4.0 and Data Driven Manufacturing Q & A

Product Info: Osync Machine Analytics® combines a powerful data engine and a robust user-interface, to provide actionable business insights to owners, production managers, process engineers, or other roles looking to understand and improve their production process. These insights are achieved through a combination of real-time & historical machine performance data monitoring that is then aggregated and presented in easy to understand formats. This powerful software helps facilities operate all compatible machinery at optimal levels, and provides valuable monitoring feedback, comparison data and reporting. Osync® issues maintenance and service alerts to keep your fleet of CNC machinery in top operating order. Customizable alerts can be delivered to a number of media devices – for instance a PC in the manager’s office (away from the floor) or to a smart-phone when you’re out of the facility entirely.

Osync® doesn’t stop at monitoring or reporting, though. The end-goal for a facility trying to achieve Industry 4.0 best-practices is to maximize the performance over the life of the machine. Predictive Analytics allows the user to plan and schedule machinery utilization and eliminate unforeseen downtime to maximize throughput and prevent catastrophic delays in production. Osync achieves these predictions via proprietary machine learning algorithms that have been developed based on extensive monitoring experience.

New Machine Unveiling |Large Format 5-Axis Trimming and Machining Center

Category: Meetup

Date(s): 09/11/2018, 11:00 AM - 09/11/2018, 11:15 PM

MACHINE INFO: The QUBE from C.R. Onsrud was developed for companies seeking 5-axis high-speed trimming and machining of advanced materials used in the aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, and pattern shop industries. This enclosed solution gives users a large work volume for machining molds, prototypes, and complex composite or thermoformed plastic parts while containing debris and isolating the operator from the machining zone and airborne particles. The machine design allows for various methods of work holding such as mechanical hold down and vacuum. Accommodation for oversized parts is achieved via removable side panels. Contact your C.R. Onsrud sales representative to see how this American made CNC can help improve your shop’s manufacturing.


- In-depth Machine Introduction by Sales Manager Ken Stissel

- Live demo (QUBE VS. Porsche 917K)

- Price & Spec Unveiling


Porsche 917K Demo

Category: Photo Opportunity

Date(s): 09/10/2018, 09:50 AM - 09/10/2018, 10:20 AM

Machine: 144" Qube Series 

Material: PBLT-15

Demo: Porsche 917K

Video: Qube VS. Porsche 917K

Languages Spoken in Booth
  • French
  • Spanish

Articles & Product Announcements

IMTS 2018: C.R. Onsrud’s Qube series of CNC machines offers a fully enclosed large work envelope with chip collection and five-axis machining capabilities. read more on

Demonstration will feature the Qube machining a 1970 Porsche 9117k replica.