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Kitamura Machinery of USA, Inc.

78 E Century Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
United States of America

P: 847-520-7755
F: 847-520-7763

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About Kitamura Machinery of USA, Inc.

Family owned and operated, Kitamura Machinery has been developing state-of-the-art machine tools since 1933.  Machining center manufacture became our mainstay in 1971 as we saw growth in this segment for future generations.  Today, as a result of our original technologies and a reputation for high quality and reliability, Kitamua has a full line of "Mycenter"-Vertical, Horizontal and 5-Axis machining centers sold to a customer base throughout 52 countries worldwide.

In the pursuit of high precision and true accuracy, Kitamura, as a machining center specialist, offers our products at a reasonable price without sacraficing quality or machine performance.  A machining center purchase should be considered an investment and Kitamura remains continously devoted to putting forth our best efforts in order to provide the highest levels of machine quality in each machine we install.  Ease of usability in machine design coupled with the ability to help simpliy complex machining processes offer our customers the flexibility necessary to produce parts with optimum efficiency and precision.   

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