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Red Rabbit Automation

PO Box 345
New Troy, MI 49119
United States of America

P: 269-426-8545

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About Red Rabbit Automation

The future of industrial automation in U.S. manufacturing begins now. Red Rabbit Automation designs and builds in-line gauging, in-line assembly machines and other loT related processes to streamline production, improve quality and create safer work environments.

Red Rabbit Automation has the experience and specialized knowledge to provide "full circle" cellular solutions for our clients.

The team at Red Rabbit Automation specializes in delivering complete automated systems that are capable of completing a manufacturing process or series of processes with minimal human interaction. These independent cells are a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized manufacturers who are looking for increased productivity and efficiency. Our comprehensive automation services include design, build, implementation, service and repair of our systems. 

Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and understanding the unique needs of each of our manufacturing clients sets us apart from other automation companies. We are dedicated to your success and to supporting the advancement of the manufacturing industry in the U.S.