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About Flow International Corporation

FLOW WATERJET is the global leader in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology. We offer exceptional waterjet performance to a wide-ranging customer base, including job and machine shops, automotive, aerospace, and in-house production. Flow waterjet systems provide industry-leading technology at every price point backed by comprehensive service and support.

Product Categories (9)
  1. Controls / CAD-CAM / Software > Software, Machinability Databases
  2. Controls / CAD-CAM / Software > Software, Nesting
  3. Cutting & Forming Tools > Gear Cutting Tools
  4. EDM / ECM / Lasers / Welding / Plasma & Water Jet Cutting > Water Jet Cutting Machines
  5. Machine Components and Accessories > Pumps, Coolant
  6. Machine Components and Accessories > Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
  7. Services > Maintenance and Repair Services
  8. Special Purpose Equipment > Plastic Cutting and Slitting
  9. Special Purpose Equipment > Surface Treatment and Coating Equipment