Waldmann Lighting

About Waldmann Lighting

Waldmann Lighting produces a full line of high quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions for a diverse range of machining and industrial applications. The industrial products are designed to function in the harshest environments of today's modern manufacturing facilities and can be found as original lighting on many of the world’s finest machines. Waldmann has been developing lighting concepts for more than 50 years.  Using the latest technology as it constantly evolves, Waldmann is devoted to improving the quality of light with an eye towards energy conservation. Exceptional quality, energy savings, and added productivity make Waldmann Lighting the Engineer of Light. 

Product Categories (2)
  1. Machine Components and Accessories > Lighting Equipment
  2. Maintenance / Environmental / Cleaning/Plant Equipment > Furnishings, Shop and Office (files, desks, benches, cabinets, tool chests, drawing boards & lighting)