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Engis® Corporation is a Superabrasives company with 80 years of experience and with a global reach providing customers with the very best in innovative superabrasive solutions. We are specialized in customizing diamond and CBN materials for the use in Lapping and PolishingSingle-Pass Honing and, Multi-Stroke Honing, and Mold and Die Products as well as in developing complete, custom-designed finishing systems. 
We engineer diamond powders into extraordinary products. Applying them to applications and developing processes supported by a highly trained team of expert engineers. 

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Automation and Gauging Packages

As we continue to grow and scale across more industries, it's important we create an environment that is safe, productive and cost-effective to your production. We now provide complete customized automation packages, including both inbound and outbound product flow. From pick-and-place units and robotics to in-process gauging and sensor systems to conveyor systems linking automated machining cells, Engis is capable of helping you design, engineer, test and deploy the right solution. 
With headquarters in Wheeling, IL and locations worldwide. 

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At Engis it is about who you are and the impact you are going to make on the world. We are always looking for talent. Contact us at resumes@engis.com. 


Product Categories (18)
  1. Automated Systems & Cells (Assembly / Forming / Joining / Material Removal / Test) > Automated System & Cells for Material Removal
  2. Cutting & Forming Tools > Abrasive Compounds and Slurries
  3. Cutting & Forming Tools > Burnishing, Honing and Lapping Tools
  4. Cutting & Forming Tools > Deburring Tools
  5. Cutting & Forming Tools > Diamond Tooling, Coating, Abrasive, Single-point
  6. Cutting & Forming Tools > Facing Tools/Heads
  7. Gear Generation > Gear Honing Machines
  8. Gear Generation > Gear Lapping Machines
  9. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Deburring Equipment
  10. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Honing Machines, Horizontal Spindle
  11. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Honing Machines, Multiple Spindle
  12. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Honing Machines, Vertical Spindle
  13. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Lapping Machines
  14. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Super (Micro) Finishing Machines
  15. Grinding / Abrasive Machining / Finishing > Superabrasive Machining Systems
  16. Machine Components and Accessories > Grinding Wheel Dressing Units
  17. Workholding Devices > Fixturing Systems
  18. Workholding Devices > Mandrels