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Swiss Precision Since 1961

Heinrich Heule designed the first HEULE tool in 1961 for an application for which there was no existing tool:  to chamfer the insides of a fork component at low cost, within a short time and in a large production run. Our company mission was established: to design time-saving, cost-effective solutions for automating processes in high-volume manufacturing.

Still today, HEULE continues to run on a single-minded passion for designing solutions for complex applications. Through constant development of  new solutions for customer applications in various industries around the globe, we have created a series of innovative precision tools for front and back deburring, chamfering, spotfacing, and countersinking.

Most of our products are sold as standard stocked items, but our technical engineers can provide custom solutions for your specific applications. At HEULE, the energy of progress through innovation fuels the work we do every day.

For more information about how we can help you find ways to make your manufacturing processes more efficient while saving production costs, contact us today.

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