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ICAM Presents Adaptive Post-Processing™ at IMTS 2018

ICAM Technologies, the creator of the industry leading NC post-processing solution, CAM-POST, is pleased to showcase the next generation in NC post-processing, machine simulation and tool-path optimization through its Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology.

With Adaptive Post-Processing™, ICAM has taken a major leap forward over traditional products that have been in wide use for many years. Simply put, ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution makes it possible, for the first time, to intelligently and interactively perform post-processing, machine simulation and tool-path optimization - in one single, simple to use, concurrent process!

Traditional sequential manufacturing methods key limitation is that they force users to perform simulation and optimization processes only following the generation of post-processed G-code; thereby, requiring time consuming manual reprogramming in the CAM system in order to attempt to incorporate the recommended changes. These older sequential methods usually involve several iterations to achieve an optimal part resulting in further lost time and sub-optimal outcomes.

In sharp contrast to these traditional products, ICAM’s new generation of Adaptive Post-Processing™ solutions actually empower users to simultaneously and interactively create proven and optimized production ready G-code usually on the first iteration. This approach automates the entire process and provides tremendous improvements in accuracy, quality and efficiency, while dramatically reducing reprogramming and machining cycle time.

As always, ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology continues to support all major CAD/CAM platforms (CATIA, Mastercam, NX and creo), as well as CNC machine tool/controller combinations ranging from 3-axis mills to sophisticated multi-axis machines.

Learn more on how ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ solution can automatically reduce your programming and machine cycle time at www.icam.com


And don't forget to attend our presentation on Smart Manufacturing & Changing Global Supply Chains on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at 2:15 - 3:10 pm
Room assigned: W192-C... see abstract below.


In today's highly competitive manufacturing world, your operations need to be flexible enough to quickly adapt to changing supply chain needs, new technologies and unexpected occurrences.
Come discover how recent software innovations lift the barriers between the different components of your machining operations, significantly reduces your NC programming time and brings you unparalleled manufacturing agility through seamless integration with your existing CAD/CAM/PLM systems.
We'll be looking at the practical steps you can take in implementing Smart Manufacturing principles, like opening up communication channels between software and machinery, shifting part production from one CNC machine to another as quickly as possible, and much more. Adopting these Smart Manufacturing principles quickly and effectively is now possible, meaning you can diversify your client base, get more out of your existing CAD/CAM/PLM and machine lineup all while moving parts out the door quicker.
The integration of the ICAM Adaptive Post-Processing and Simulation software platform and methodology allows you to rapidly take advantage of the key elements of Smart Manufacturing, a major step towards Industry 4.0. This innovative Adaptive Post-Processing and Simulation efficiency has been proven by several early adopters; it’s now ready for large-scale implementation.

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