Samchully Workholding, Inc.

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About Samchully Workholding, Inc.

Samchully has brought premium quality workholding solutions to manufacturers for over 30 years. Today, Samchully offers more products in more markets than ever before. Our product range, which includes 4th & 5th-axis rotary tables, vises, special chucks, power chucks, manual chucks, rotary cylinders, and steady rests, is available globally. Samchully is proud to launch a complete range of tool holders at IMTS 2018. Samchully's tool holders include milling chucks, ER collet chucks, Slim SK collet chucks, hydraulic expanding mandrels, shrink-fit chucks, drill chucks, side lock holders, and face mill arbors.

Samchully has long maintained ISO:9001, and TÜV certifications. In 2007, Samchully also received the prestigious Single PPM (Single part per million) designation joining an elite group of Korean manufacturers seeking product-quality excellence.  

Samchully - creating value through innovation.

Product Categories (22)
  1. Cutting & Forming Tools > Collets, Solid and Master
  2. Cutting & Forming Tools > Drill Chucks
  3. Cutting & Forming Tools > Tool Holders and Adapters
  4. Cutting & Forming Tools > Tool Holders and Adapters - Hydraulic
  5. Machine Components and Accessories > Indexers and Rotary Tables
  6. Machine Components and Accessories > Steady Rests
  7. Workholding Devices > Actuators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  8. Workholding Devices > Chuck Jaws and Collets
  9. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Collet Type
  10. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Diaphragm
  11. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Gear
  12. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Index
  13. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Jaw Type
  14. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Magnetic
  15. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Power
  16. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Precision
  17. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Self-Contained
  18. Workholding Devices > Chucks, Special
  19. Workholding Devices > Clamps and Fixturing Devices
  20. Workholding Devices > Mandrels
  21. Workholding Devices > Vises and Vise Jaws
  22. Workholding Devices > Workholding, Custom