About Realtrac ERP

Realtrac Performance ERP is a shop management software designed for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order manufacturers. The company was founded in the heart of a machine shop and has served the manufacturing industry for over three decades. Our software solution may be hosted in the cloud or an on-premise server.

  • FRUSTRATED with bad reporting due to employee manual entry.
  • UPSET with their shop floor being out of control.
  • DISSAPOINTED about not having profits lining up with the amount of time they are spending at work
  • WORRIED about whether they know their costs to make jobs
  • ANXIOUS about whether they have enough jobs to keep staff working
  • CONCERNED with customer service due to late deliveries.
  • ANGRY about the lack of discipline on their shop floor

Realtrac’s ERP software is very easy to learn and use and boasts the lowest total cost of use software on the market. With a quickstart implementation, Realtrac ERP is operable in just a few days compared to weeks or months. Realtrac is built on a real-time platform allowing businesses to stay on top of job, labor, vendor, and customer tracking. From Estimating to Quality Conformance to Accounting Integration, Realtrac is a completely integrated shop system that is real quick with real profits. Realtrac gives an analysis of a business’s current and past status allowing them to make educated decisions for a maximum return on investment.

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