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CECOR® designs and manufactures Sump Shark® sump cleaners and industrial carts for the machining industry. We offer a full line of parts and accessories to supplement and enhance our products.

Sump Sharks are high-suction sludge vacuums that remove metalworking fluid and solid waste (chips, swarf, sludge, etc.) from machine tool sumps. Our patented filter separates the solids and fluids so the fluids can re-used (when applicable) or transported for further recycling. Less machine downtime. Less labor and mess. Less fluids costs.  More savings. 

Our industrial carts are built tough and can withstand punishing conditions. They feature heavy-gauge steel construction with fully welded seams that don’t leak, melt, split, bulge or burn. CECOR carts offer the most capacity with the smallest footprint. Mounted on durable industrial casters, these carts are smooth rolling and extremely maneuverable, even when fully loaded. Safely and easily push, pull or maneuver heavy loads up to 1,500 lbs. Choose from different dumping methods to empty even the heaviest of loads. 

Proudly designed and built in the U.S. since 1955,CECOR products are durable, featuring quality workmanship at affordable prices with knowledgeable sales and technical support.

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