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About MachineMetrics, Inc.

MachineMetrics (Machine Metrics) is an award-winning manufacturing analytics platform. Our Industry 4.0-ready solutions work out-of-the-box to increase productivity through edge connectivity, real-time visibility, deep manufacturing analytics and AI driven predictive notifications. We’ve simplified Industrial IoT to digitize your factory and enable your team to drive decisions with machine data.

Do you know what goes on your shop floor in real-time? Do you know how efficient your machines are? Do you know what the main sources of downtime and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) are? Do you want to successfully implement Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 technology at your facility? 

Self-install Edge Connectivity captures data from any modern or legacy machine with included edge device hardware. AI and Machine Learning algorithms visualize, diagnose, and predict problems in real time based on collected data. Real-time visualizations and predictive notifications enable your team to take immediate corrective action and keep your machines up and running.

MachineMetrics is leveraging proprietary machine learning and sophisticated predictive analysis to addresses the latest manufacturing concerns — giving your business the ability to transform equipment service management operating models. MachineMetrics is focused not just on the future of manufacturing, but on solutions that can be implemented today, at a low cost and with minimal risk to your organization.

We know it takes a team to transform a business, and MachineMetrics has solutions designed for each of your team members for the Shop Floor to the Front Office.

MachineMetrics Production empowers operators, production managers and executives to reduce bottlenecks with real-time production visibility and downtime analysis.

MachineMetrics Health allows maintenance managers and process engineers to keep machines running with real-time condition monitoring, predictive analytics, and preventative maintenance.

MachineMetrics Service transforms an OEM or equipment provider’s ability to service their customers by remotely monitoring machines, reducing on-site service calls and providing preventative and predictive maintenance.

Now integrated into factories across North America and Europe, MachineMetrics perhaps the fastest growing manufacturing analytics provider in the industry, featuring global customers and partners.

MachineMetrics will have a big presence at 2018's largest American manufacturing event, demonstrating our manufacturing analytics platform in East Building Level 3, booth #133108. 

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