DMP Corporation

East Building, Level 2 - 122004

About DMP Corporation

DMP Corporation is an integrated provider of industrial wastewater treatment solutions with in-house expertise in 

  • Equipment design and install
  • Chemical solutions 
  • Wastewater treatment process

More importantly, our cross-functional capabilities and Performance Guarantee Program allows us to be 100% accountable for your system - no more finger-pointing between your chemical vendor and your equipment provider. At DMP, our goal is to truly take the worry out of wastewater so you can get back to producing your products. 

Learn more about DMP in this short video featuring our CEO, Christopher Dooley, and VP of Product Development, Mark Masters.

Product Categories (3)
  1. Maintenance / Environmental / Cleaning/Plant Equipment > Environmental and Pollution Control Equipment
  2. Maintenance / Environmental / Cleaning/Plant Equipment > Oil Filtration and Treatment Equipment
  3. Maintenance / Environmental / Cleaning/Plant Equipment > Water Filtration and Treatment Equipment